In the beginning, on the sixth day of the beginning of all time, You created him then there was them— man and woman, You made them. Then You breathed into them Your essence, Your intention, Your purpose for their lives, Your very life that they may be the they in Your thought and it was good.

Then it was that they were no longer the they in Your thoughts that You had thought them to be, it was poisoned. Now though they were what You had made and in Your thought You had already seen the blemish to occur, it had become a reality and they were no longer the original they in Your thought

So in love, so as not to make the poison, the corruption, the blemish a permanent situation, in love You sent them out that in a greater love that surpasses all You could bring them back healed, uncorrupted, without blemish.

So they roamed the earth, they moved, they came together, they multiplied, and more thoughts became a reality and as they came into being so did I a thought of the King of kings.

So I came, a thought, a pure one, unblemished from creation that has become poisoned. But oh lucky me, the plan to implement the love that surpasses all had already been realised and so I did not have to wait to become healed, unblemished, not corrupted. All I had to do was accept You and so I did.

But then why? Why all this bitterness? Why all this pain? Why is it that though You have set all this in place, a thought is not living the way You thought me to be-Your thought, the glorious thought that started me out on this journey here in a world where all Your thoughts begin not from the original but from the blemished. Why?

Then I think to myself and… LIGHT! Finally Your Spirit enlightens me I can never be the thought You thought until I seek Your thoughts on how You want me to think, be, live, behave, love.

So then I stop and I now I think about the thought that You initially thought me to be. And so Lord I come, broken and tired of living the life of a thought that should have never been. I come and I plead and surrender.

And Dad I say please, let me be the Your thought, the original thought You thought me to be in the beginning- pure, uncorrupted, not poisoned, unblemished.

Let me be Lord, Your Thought.

BY: #ChristAlyve


2 thoughts on “LET ME BE YOUR THOUGHT

  1. How did you come up with this, Elvis? It’s great! It reads like a novel and sounds like a spoken word delivery. And I like the alliteration effect. It makes sense too – God’s original thought for mankind, how we screwed it and how we can get back to living the life He had always wanted for us. Kudos!


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