Lose It With Quickness!

10574To be under constant vigilance is no play. The issue here is we are being watched because we Christians are noted for making some pretty outrageous claims. We’ve said a lot of things concerning our Faith. Some are intimidating. Some just don’t fit into the category of human reasoning. The world wants to know if we are jokers, lunatics or kingdom-carriers like we confess to be. The work is already a heavy one and some of us have succeeded in adding extra weight to it. I want us to look at some interesting Christian phrases. Before we begin, please note that some nerves might be pricked in the process (mine has already been pricked though). Okay, let’s get to business now!

“Let’s put Christianity aside and [fill in the blank space]”. Christianity is a way of LIFE. A life aimed at elevating one from a state of deadness to a state of fruitfulness—in Christ Jesus. The Christian will readily agree to that. Quick question, if you put Christianity (life) aside, what do you have left? Common sense is telling me right now that all the times I chose to put Christianity aside, my thoughts, actions and everything else was bound to dead works. Just dead. Unfruitful. Unproductive. Valueless. Do you see where this is going? Maybe we never saw it that way but that’s the truth. Don’t expect to be productive to your family or your friends or your workplace if you decide to put Christianity aside. And wait a minute! Christianity isn’t a heavyweight belt we can lay aside and pick up anytime we want to. It doesn’t work that way. Christianity is the only dress we never take off. Once worn, it is forever attached to your body. The temptation to do something uncalled for will come alright. But it’s definitely not the time to undress yourself to handle the situation in your nakedness. You definitely need God’s muscle here. Keep your spiritual dress on and page your maker for more details on how to handle what’s before you. Don’t make the mistake of casting your dress aside. Keep Christianity onside always. Because it wont leave you helpless when it acknowledges the obstacle before you. It will provide you with the strength and wisdom to come out victorious. NEVER PUT CHRISTIANITY ASIDE!

Unnecessary “Amen”. I believe you know what that means. LET IT BE SO. Sometimes, I wonder if people really pay attention to what the preacher man is saying or not. “Your family is blessed”. “Amen” “Your marriage is blessed.” “Amen”. “I don’t know about you bu—” “Amen”. There you go. You didn’t even wait for the speaker to land with his message but you’ve already ‘made it so’ in the spiritual realms sealed by the precious and matchless name of Jesus. What if the preacher was about to say “I don’t know about you but the enemy has stolen so many times from me…” then maybe he begins to narrate a story about his claim. Do you realize how your ‘Amen’ goes out of sync with the message? Don’t get stuck on an ‘Amen’ replay. Your spoken word carries power. You don’t want to go about establishing some unwanted decrees in life.

“…And God laid it on my heart”. I understand that we want to make every effort to deliver ‘fresh word’ from God to the people around us. It’s not bad. But please don’t be in the habit of telling people that God laid a message on your heart if you know deep down that He didn’t do so. Don’t commit yourself to making absurd claims if you’re unsure. You may see it as a benign statement but it’s actually a subtle lie. Just be yourself. If it’s your own message, let them know it’s from within your spirit. If it’s a direct revelation from God, tell them it’s from God. But don’t go about appending God’s signature to your self-declared messages without His authority. It’s a No-No.

“When the Holy Spirit takes over you can’t worry about clocks”. I’m not really sure where this idea comes from but God is not the author of confusion. The believer’s life must reflect the very character and nature of God. That’s why we have the Holy Spirit to empower us with the ability to produce good fruit (of which self-control is part). Another thing is God’s Spirit does not possess men. God’s spirit is a gentle spirit. He leads. He guides. He doesn’t manipulate us to do anything. In short, He PROMPTS we YIELD. If he did possess us in the process of our singing or praying or preaching, then our case would have been valid. Do you think we would be listening to any sermon from the pulpit if the intercessor or the chorister decided not to worry about clocks because the Holy Spirit took over? They won’t struggle at all to go on and on and on. But no, that will create confusion and imbalance in the church, which is contrary to God’s nature. Wherever God is, there must be peace and order. We have to understand the times we live in and discipline ourselves accordingly so the church of God can grow. If we’re indiscipline in life, let’s recognize that fact and make a conscious effort to break the bad habit instead of blaming it on the Holy Spirit. I say it once again, The Holy Spirit doesn’t possess men. He leads. He guides. He PROMPTS. We YIELD.

“You are in the SPIRIT”. And if you’re a Ghanaian like me, ‘You’re in the SHHPIRIT-Ha!’ is more like it. As if we have the ability to enter in and out of the spirit whenever we feel like doing so. That’s right! Powerful men and women of the Most High! The moment a brother or sister in Christ says/does something ‘extraordinary’ with a touch of spirituality to it, then it means that fellow is ‘in the spirit’. But if you’re in the spirit, you’ll have to be more specific because there are 3 different kinds of spirits out there: the human spirit, the Holy Spirit and evil spirits. Do you remember the story about the girl in the Bible who kept telling everyone that Paul and his cohorts were people of God who had come to declare the way of the Lord? She was ‘in the spirit’ too just that it was a demonic spirit manipulating her in this case (Refer to Acts 16:16-18). I beseech you by the mercies of God that the next time you say you or someone is ‘in the spirit’, just be more specific so we know what we’re dealing with. It will help a lot. But all jokes aside, have you ever asked yourself the kind of thought you entertain in the minds of non-Christians anytime we crack this kind of jokes? Remember that they don’t share the same views as you when it comes to certain matters in life. Or you aren’t responsible for how they interpret or understand your words/actions? Well, once you’re a Christian your neighbor is your greatest concern and biggest responsibility. You might want to note that down. We are like the practical version of the Bible on Earth so we have to be very careful.

“Mikada Zimini Ozi Rikava Brankaba Zata!” Were you trying to understand that? Oh, I’m sorry I was only trying to greet you in tongues. So I’m guessing you haven’t reached that ‘level’ yet that’s why. Aha! Go ahead. Just feel free and say it. LIKE SERIOUSLY? My sentiments exactly. So now, tongues speaking isn’t only for spiritual edification or for strengthening one’s faith, a new inclusion has been added to the list: greeting one another on a ‘higher level’. You see, tongues speaking is an unknown language that only edifies another person as long as it’s interpreted by either the speaker himself or an interpreter standing by. Please if there’s no one to interpret your ‘spirit-filled’ greetings, kindly keep it to yourself and greet in a known language. No need to misuse the sacred prayer language of the Holy Spirit.


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