Remember, Remember this time the 14th of February


Remember, remember this time the 14th of February! We’re at it again! Boys and girls are on the run—and as usual, not all the faces are beaming with smiles. I think we all have a fair idea of what’s going on here so let’s not bother ourselves with the trouble of inviting Scooby Doo’s Team to help solve the mystery for us. Let me start by warning the ladies, please don’t attempt to play any Catch-Me-If-You-Can games around this time. No “Hide ‘N’ Seek”. If for anything, not in the early weeks (before the 14th) of February. It’s a trap! Trust me, you won’t find him and not even NASA’s GPS navigation device can do anything about it—well, unless they get too serious with #OperationBringMyManDown. And yes, watch out for the sodas too. Very very important. Take precautions. If you have a dog at home, kindly make him/her/it sip your drink first before you do. You don’t want to retire to bed on 13th February only to wake up to a bright morning on the 17th of March (kind courtesy of Valium 10mg). I don’t know but I tend to hear these kind of jokes around this time of the year and sometimes I’m tempted to even believe they actually happen in some parts of our world. Ah well, I always say that it was never meant to be so but someway somehow…we’ve made it so. *sighs*

My friend, you’re under siege if your relationship with someone brings you constant sorrow and depression every time. It’s a PARASITIC RELATIONSHIP: somebody wants to benefit at the expense of your health. I know that because I always flee from the proboscis of the female anopheles mosquito. I don’t walk away. I said I FLEE. And at this moment, you should be nodding harder to support my statement if you’ve ever been pinned down by a severe malarial attack before. So I understand if that guy is Missing in Action okay? His wallet may be suffering from unconsciousness due to severe bleeding. That lady is wearing a serious frown on her face not because of any pungent smell around her. And it’s definitely not emanating from your body because you’re smelling very good— I trust. It’s just that she’s been let down so many times she’s even lost count of it. But I’m not here to lecture you on LOVE. If I should start now, I won’t end anytime soon. And I intend to keep this post short as planned so… *Discipline Mode Activated*

This year…no, wait let’s look at something briefly first. Can you guess the most searched word last two years around this time on and also the day after on What word do you think had the highest search on the web engine? According to their blog titled The Trending Words of Valentine’s Day”, the word ‘expenditure’ saw the biggest spike on (on Val’s day) while ‘discourage’ saw the biggest spike on (a day after Val’s day). Other notable words were enlisted too but meehn, I’m feeling too lazy to type them now, so please check it out yourself (just click on the blog title). It’s a very short read so you should be fine. I want to give you an assignment. Go do your research and tell me why you believe people looked up those words the most (You can kindly drop your answers in the comment section below).

This year, can we try something new? I know you already have plans on how you’re going to celebrate Feb 14th. That’s cool. I just want to chip in something though. As you munch all the munchies and drink the drinkable, find some time within your fun moments to sit and talk about other pressing issues. Especially for the couples, try to reexamine the progress of your love relationship. If there has to be the redefinition of its purpose, don’t hesitate to do that. At least, make sure both parties still remember the ‘why’ for the pairing. Is the bigger picture still intact? You know, be intentional about it. Once your love life has a vision, it must be characterized by a sense of conscious commitment and discipline.

Now you…YES, YOU!!! Don’t give me that I-will-be-in-my-room-and-make-no-noise-and-pretend-as-if-I-do-not-exist excuse not to make merry on that day. Who told you that Val’s day is specially reserved for couples only? It’s a day (and this shouldn’t be your first and last by the way) to express your love to everyone around you—including friends and family members. It’s just like any other day but choose to do something a little more different than the usual. Do something special to make that ordinary day extraordinary for someone you admire. If it’s a friend you haven’t visited in a while, use this opportunity to pull that surprise on him (her). Still holding a grudge against Mum or Dad or any other relative? C’mon, this is a good time to quit taking stock of their shortcomings. We all make mistakes everyday. So why don’t you wipe the slate clean and forgive whoever it is that offended you, mmm? *Tweety’s voice* Love keeps no record of wrongs as the Bible says. Learn to let go so you can release the heavy weight from your chest. You can’t be sulking pal, You gotta be rejoicing!

Do something new this time around. I’m tired of the old stories already and I’m guessing you are too. February 14th, 2016 will never come again. Let’s make it special!


2 thoughts on “Remember, Remember this time the 14th of February

  1. Indeed every word comes to fill a hole in the troubled, oppressed and the depressed. Am really touched by the words and its indeed a great message to all humans and I wish everyone could have assess to the message before we approach the day called “vals day”…God bless you for every message 😊


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