Every living being in this world believes in one thing or another. No one is excluded from this natural right and that’s the kind of freedom that exists within our space.

But is everything we believe in RIGHT in the first place?

Is everything permissible?

Where is TRUTH?

RETHINKING is specially created to engage our minds with the aim of making us reassess the lenses through which we view this world. I believe that there are always pieces we often overlook due to our limited knowledge. This is a Christian blog and as such, the thoughts rest on the principles of Christ. However, this is never a substitute of the Bible; it just seeks to help us live a rich life of unfailing hope with such a wonderful personality in mind. It is however, not an end but the genesis to pursue the kind of life aimed at rethinking along the principles of God who thought once and for all in absolute unequivocal perfection.


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